Throwing a Spanish themed summer party in 6 simple steps

Now’s the perfect time to plan a party to look forward to in the summer, especially if you have a big birthday or wedding coming up or if you’re in charge of planning your community event.

1. Deciding the theme

Why choose a Spanish themed party? It’s an obvious choice if you love Spain, met your love or spent a significant holiday there. But even if you haven’t got a strong connection to Spanish culture, it’s a great party theme, because it means:

  • Great food perfect for sharing and catering to all dietary requirements,
  • A wide selection of drinks from Sangria and Cava, to wine and artisanal beers, and fresh fruit juices and cocktails,
  • Fun party music that gets everyone in the mood to dance,
  • A beautiful colour scheme and dress code,
  • Many ways to get creative with decorations on any budget,
  • And exciting options for entertainment.

2. Lining up your suppliers

Planning early is your best friend for any party preparations. I know some lovely caterers in and around London and a great costume hire service. The earlier you get in touch, the easier it is to secure your ideal date. The same applies to DJs and entertainment.

3. Thinking about your music

Even if you go for a DJ, which I strongly recommend for anything bigger than an intimate dinner party, it’s a good idea to start listing songs and bands you want to include. With a Spanish themed party, start with fun party classics like Bamboleo by The Gypsy Kings. You can also add Latin music and depending on your crowd find inspiration across the last seven decades from Ritchie Valens, through Gloria Estefan to Camila Cabello and Luis Fonsi. I also think it’s a good idea to add Flamenco music for an authentic atmosphere. If you’re new to that, start by exploring Camarón de la Isla, Niña Pastori and Miguel Poveda and they’ll lead you into a wonderful world of incredible music.

4. Deciding the food and drink

With the food you have largely two options, both of which are perfect for parties and can also be combined. Either you go for big pan paellas, a traditional rice dish that comes in a variety of flavours. Or you choose tapas, small bites of many different foods. Both can range from a home-cooked rustic style to extremely sophisticated haute cuisine, so you can choose what’s best for your event.

While Sangria is a typical party drink and Spain is famous for its wines, the country also has a growing craft beer scene and offers several other options. I wrote a blog going into detail about drinks for your Spanish theme event, which I hope you find helpful.

5. Decorating your space and styling yourself

The colours of the Spanish flag are red and yellow or gold, so a simple colour scheme and dress code could be to do everything in those colours which suit everyone and can be as simple or glamourous as you like. Alternatively, you could go wild with ideas that take more preparation. Check out my blogs about what to wear for a Spanish theme party and outside-the-box decoration ideas.

6. Selecting your entertainment

Depending on your event and guests, choose between an acoustic guitarist playing Spanish or Flamenco music and a Flamenco dance show. Flamenco was born in the South of Spain, in Andalusia, but has become synonymous with the country around the world. It’s a dramatic, passionate and rousing dance style that will have a big impact on your guests and leave a deep emotional impression. You can choose between an individual performer or a full group of musicians and performers. If you’d like your guests to dance too, choosing a performer who can also encourage and animate people to dance is a wise choice.

I hope these steps support you in your party planning and wish you a wonderful fiesta!

Lucia, the Flamenco dancer 💃🏽

Book a Flamenco dancer for a Spanish summer fiesta

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