Reinterpreting Loïe Fuller

I recently launched my entirely new show: a reinterpretation of Loïe Fuller’s movement creations. In this blog I would like to answer a few questions you may have about this act.

Who was Loïe Fuller?

Loïe Fuller (1862-1928) was one of the pioneers of modern dance. Her work, alongside that of Isadora Duncan and Ruth St. Dennis, built the foundations of American modern dance and influenced artists from the United States to Europe and Russia.

When she appeared at the Folies Bergère in 1892, she transformed the venue into the place to be in Paris and inspired the Symbolist, Impressionist and Art Nouveau movements.

Loïe Fuller was also a pioneer in the use of electric stage lighting and experimented with its effects on her performance. In addition to her legacy as a performer, she contributed greatly to stage design and technology.

What were Loïe Fuller’s performances like?

In her most famous creations, the Serpentine, Fire and Radium Dances, she used lighting and costume to create dramatic, spell-binding performances, the likes of which her audience had never seen before. When she performed the Fire Dance, people were shocked that the flames weren’t eating her alive.

It’s often been noted the Loïe Fuller seemed unassuming in everyday life, but transformed when on stage. People were mesmerised and transfixed by her stage presence. They went wild for her and the visions she conjured.

How does the new performance work?

My costume is a bespoke creation made from bright silk. It transforms through movement and light. I hone a score of movements that bring it to life. Then, depending on the music, lighting and exact choice of movement, the show creates different atmospheres: gentle and sublime, wild and ecstatic, timelessly elegant or crips and fresh. These are just some of my inspirations. I would love to hear yours.

Who is this show for?

The show can be booked for weddings, corporate events, award ceremonies and charity galas as well as themed and immersive parties and film and photoshoots. I’m based in London and can perform across the UK and internationally.

I love to discuss Loïe Fuller’s legacy and artistry. If you have any questions or if you’re interested to learn more, book my show or work on collaborations, I would love to hear from you!

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