Flamenco dancer for retirement, care and nursing homes

Performing for the elderly and people with care needs is one of my favourite aspects of being a performer. It gives me joy and fills my heart.

Throughout the pandemic all such entertainment has had to stop. My thoughts have been with my previous clients and their residents and patients, and with everyone suffering as well as the nurses, carers and doctors working so incredibly hard.

I’m glad that there’s hope on the horizon and look forward to performing in homes again once it’s safe and allowed. It’s my intention to bring much needed fun, joy, relief and laughter.

Professional entertainment on a budget

I know that homes don’t always have a large budget for entertainment, but also how extremely important dance, music and the arts are for people. That’s why I offer discounted rates on my professional shows for those that can’t afford my standard rates. Please just let me know in a personal message and I’ll be happy to have a chat. I have also launched a special thank you discount for NHS workers.

Why Flamenco dance is especially suitable for retirement, care and nursing home entertainment

Many dances are most powerful when performed by groups. Flamenco is different. It’s actually intended to be performed by a solo dancer or a couple. Other formations are possible, but the traditional format is incredibly powerful. So, you don’t need to feel like you’re limiting yourself, when booking just the one performer. As a solo Flamenco dancer I will deliver a spectacular and extremely engaging show.

Flamenco is very exciting and rousing. It’s beautiful and passionate. It awakens the spirits and engages mind, body and soul. The music is very emotional and passionate and invites the audience to feel enthralled alongside the dancer. Flamenco provides interesting stimuli for conversation and physical activities.

Interactive and inclusive activities

In addition to my shows, I offer mingling with the audience after my show. This can be measured to suit your home exactly and can include a variety of activities such as:

  • Getting everyone up to dance and learning Flamenco dance moves, adapted to individual mobility needs,
  • Taking pictures together,
  • Trying out using a fan,
  • Chatting to residents individually and visiting those that can’t attend in their rooms, and even
  • Creating a conga line through the home!

The most important thing is a sensitivity to everyone’s varying degrees of wanting attention, dancing along, being calmer, stepping to the foreground or background, and responding accordingly so that every audience member experiences my show at just the right level of engagement and excitement.

In my 10 years’ experience of performing for children, pensioners, patients with long-term illnesses and vulnerable people I have honed my skills of listening to my audience as a whole as well as tuning in to individual needs. I work closely with the home staff to facilitate a show that perfectly matches your needs.

Testimonial for my Flamenco show at Arundel Care Home

Lucia is lovely and a wonderful dancer and entertainer. She spent time with the residents and they engaged with her so nicely. Thanks Lucia! You are a star in our hearts. – Frankie C., Arundel Park Lodge Care Home

Testimonial for my Flamenco show at the University of Essex

Lucia was incredible! Despite the soggy weather, she brought sunshine with her incredible personality and amazing talent. I absolutely recommend her if you’d like your event to become a party. She got people up and dancing in a way that was inclusive and wonderful. We will definitely be working together again! – Johnny M., University of Essex

I hope this post has grown your interest in booking Flamenco entertainment for your home. If you have any questions, just let me know. And if you’re not ready to contact me just yet, feel free to sign up to my quarterly newsletter to stay in touch until you’re ready and it’s safe again.

Warmest wishes,

Lucia, the Flamenco dancer

Book a Flamenco dancer for your care, nursing or retirement home

I create inclusive and life-affirming shows with optional interaction for all abilities and will apply a special thank you discount for NHS workers.

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