Flamenco lessons for primary schools

Last week, I introduced the 250 primary school children of Caldicotes Primary Academy in Middlesbrough to Flamenco. We also put on a presentation of what we’d learnt for their parents, all in one school day!

It was a full-on day, but a very fun and rewarding experience and I hope to be able to repeat this with other schools across the UK, because I was so impressed by everyone’s enthusiasm and eagerness to learn. If you know a school that teaches Spanish, do let me know in an email!

Read on to learn exactly how we made this happen and how you can do it too!

Booking a Flamenco dancer for your primary school

When I received the enquiry, I immediately got on the phone to have a chat about what exactly was required. I spoke to Helen Steele, the principal, who explained to me that Caldicotes was going to start teaching Spanish and they wanted to start this new subject with something special.

They were going to dedicate an entire week to all things Spanish to give the children an authentic taste for the new and exciting culture. Of course, Flamenco dancing couldn’t miss in this.

I was inspired by Helen’s passion, zest and resourcefulness. We discussed the timings, logistics and year groups and I sent my proposal.

Preparing Flamenco lessons for 250 children

Helen had explained to me that each year group should receive a taster and that the parents would be invited to see what their children had learned in the day.

I created a different choreography for each year, from nursery to Year 6, including the main elements of Flamenco dance: footwork, arm movements, rhythm, spins and jaleo.

It was important to me to not just teach movement out of context, but to bring across the importance of feeling, how dancing your emotions can help with the management of your emotions, and group spirit, supporting one another in the learning of new skills and expressing oneself.

Teaching Flamenco in a primary school setting

The hall had been reserved for us all day and I was impressed with all the teachers’, and children’s!, time-keeping. As one group lined up to leave, the next group had neatly queued outside.

The teachers supported the crowd management, especially during the performance at the end, and were on hand should any problems have arisen. But I was overwhelmed with all the pupils’ attentiveness and good behaviour. They were very eager to learn and try themselves at this new skill.

Even in just a day, I know we achieved lots and that the experience will have a lasting impact.

Here’s what Helen said about the day:

Just wanted to drop you a line to express my thanks for a ‘remarkable’ launch for our Spanish learning. You really inspired everyone and we loved to meet you! – Helen S. (sent in a postcard)

This is what Jessica, the Apprentice Business Administrator who first got in touch with me, said:

Lucia was amazing, so good with the children, very easy to talk to and taught them all a dance and Spanish vocabulary. – Jessica C.

Thank you for having me, Caldicotes. It was a privilege to be part of your first week of learning Spanish and I hope the new subject will be greatly loved by the children!

Book Flamenco lessons for a Spanish themed day at your primary school

Do you teach Spanish or will you launch the subject soon? Let me help you make your students excited about learning this vibrant language.

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