How can we celebrate our wedding anniversary?

Did you spend your honeymoon in Spain? Have you been on holiday in Andalusia and fallen in love with Flamenco and Spanish culture?

If you enjoy dance and want to celebrate your anniversary with friends and family, then booking a Flamenco dancer to create a highlight at your celebration is a great idea.

Years of experience performing at landmark celebrations

Most of my clients book my Flamenco shows for their landmark birthdays and milestone occasions. And the vast majority think of Flamenco because they love Spain and its culture. They have the idea to book a dancer for their party, but don’t always quite know how to make it work.

I have performed at countless parties and am happy to advise you taking into consideration your preferences and what kind of celebration you want to create.

Flamenco dancer for a wedding anniversary

Do you prefer to get involved yourself, dance the night away and get everyone to join in? Then my Flamenco show followed by mingling is for you.

Do you prefer for you and your guests to sit back and be dazzled by passionate and exciting entertainment without getting involved yourself? Then my Flamenco show is the right choice.

Flamenco show for a wedding anniversary

In both options, I bring a celebratory, wow-factor Flamenco dance show to your party. I will wear gorgeous Andalusian costumes and create a show-stopping, memorable highlight.

The mingling means that I will stay on the dancefloor after my show and get everyone up to dance. I can teach some easy-to-follow Flamenco moves, lead a super fun Conga line and will make sure everyone is thoroughly enjoying themselves.

Spanish themed wedding anniversary

Of course Flamenco entertainment is not enough to plan the perfect party. The Flamenco show could stand on its own and fit in with your other plans or, if you go for a Spanish theme, you can celebrate in a Spanish restaurant or book a caterer offering big pan paellas and tapas. You can get creative with the decorations and, if you like, you can even dress up yourselves.

Are you celebrating your wedding anniversary next year or do you know someone close to you who is? Do you want to make your own or a loved one’s anniversary a memorable special occasion?

If this post has inspired your imagination and you’re ready to get creative with party planning, get in touch with me now, so we can have a chat about your anniversary. I can’t wait to hear from you!

Hire Flamenco entertainment for weddings, anniversaries and other private parties

I create spectacular Flamenco shows for landmark occasions and milestone celebrations, and make sure all guests are having a wonderful and memorable time.

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