My Flamenco costumes

In this blog, I tell you a few secrets about my Flamenco costumes.

Authentic Flamenco costumes

In my performances I wear authentic Flamenco costumes from Spain. My dress was tailored for me in Seville, likely the birth place of the “traje de Flamenco” (Flamenco dress) in a small dressmaker’s shop on the fringe of the historic city centre. I still remember how excited I was when the seamstresses put their needles in to make the final adjustments.

Tailoring a Flamenco dress is one of the most complicated and elaborate works for tailors. They are high-quality, durable garments made by hand, and creating one dress takes several days. Dresses come in many designs and colours, but the most famous colour, symbolic of Flamenco the world over, is of course red and a typical design features large polka dots (“traje de lunares”). That’s why I chose my dress.

What do the polka dots mean?

The polka dots are possibly an adaptation of early gipsy dresses that included little pieces of mirror to ward off evil spirits.

Fit for the feria

In addition to the dress, I wear a traditional “mantón de manila” (fringed shawl/scarf), beautiful flowers, large earrings and gorgeous broches.

Traditionally this attire is nowadays worn during Andalusian holidays, for example the world-famous ferias of Málaga and Seville. The dresses were first designed and worn by the gipsy wives of livestock farmers as they attended the market together. With time women from middle and upper classes adapted those styles and as Flamenco entered cafes and tabernas and later theatres the dresses became more and more elaborate and adorned.

Are there other costume options?

Aside from full Andalusian dress, there are other beautiful options to suit different venues and themes. See my costume options in the gallery and let me know which one you like best 🙂 .

The blog of this Spanish holiday website tells you more about how to dress when you visit a feria in Andalusia and this interactive Prezi presentation gives you more information on the history of Flamenco dress.

If you’re planning a Spanish theme party and are looking for Flamenco entertainment, have a look at my testimonials and let me know if I can help.

I love performing at birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, charity and corporate events.

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