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I recently took the ‘Photography: Developing Your Eye’ blogging course from The WordPress Blogging University and used it as inspiration to create a few posts that tell you a little more about me. I hope it helps you get to know me through the power of photography! Every post is prompted by a theme from the challenge. The next prompt was ‘Water’.

Looking out at the sea on the beach in Malta


In my last post, I wrote about how much I love living in London. Today’s picture is of me looking out at the Mediterranean from the shores of Malta. As much as I love my home town, I enjoy escaping from time to time. Discovering new cuisines and cultures and above all landscapes fills me with new energy. I generally find being by the seaside, and even the Thames, one of the most relaxing places to be. Water recharges my batteries, unwinds my thoughts, creates new space and gets me ready to take on new creative challenges or perform my very best for my clients.

What do you to unwind or recharge? Let me know in the comments.


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