To the sea

Excerpt showing the third scene of “To the sea”

Two people have come to the sea to seek calmness, nature and purity.

What happens when their expectations turn into reality?

I went to Bornholm to create an artistic dance film and to gain an insight into the art form of Butoh as part of the summer residency at the Art Culture Center Bækkelund Bornholm led by Anita Saij.

I also came to work with artists who have trained differently, who work differently and who have a different outlook and perspective to my own.

I came to explore why humans seek nature as a pacifier or relaxant and what happens to city people when they come to the countryside.

I came to learn something new and unknown.

Like that I began living and working on a farm, in a large and inspiring studio space and in the midst of mesmerising nature – with just two other people around. Unsurprisingly it turned out that this was challenging for me. I am used to going from place to place and to do many, very different, things in one day and to be in contact with many different people in quick succession.

The isolation was therefore a novel experience and at first it felt intimidating.

But soon I understood that this isolation opened up an unknown space and I experienced a huge influx of inspiration both for To the sea and for future projects. I felt my focus and senses sharpen on the work at hand. My concentration during the stay increased and I repeatedly experienced moments of deep meditation while working, dancing and creating.

I took home a pool of knowledge that feels deep and wide.

Lucia Schweigert: DOP, Choreography and Performance

Yaxkin Gutiérrez: Performance

Lizzie J Klotz: Editor

Film length: 7.41 minutes

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