Living with Sin

Living with Sin asks how the Christian doctrine of original sin affects female identity. Strong colours, a cold, stark environment, expressive, simple choreography and a score of mbira cycles and drumming give the audience space to understand everything the woman wants to tell them and to develop a reaction to what is being seen.

One woman embodies womanhood throughout the ages. In her, all experiences are united.

Living with Sin has been screened at festivals in Argentina, Italy, and the UK, and I have been invited to present it at CrisisArt Festival in August 2014.

I have recreated Living with Sin as a live performance to reach a wider audience and to see how taking it off the screen will affect the audience.

It has been performed as part of “Perpetuo presents… Cityscapes” at 47/49 Tanner Street, “MOVEment for Change” by Artivism Dance Theatre at The Broadway Theatre Barking, Fiver Friday Triple Bill at Chisenhale Dance Space and at the Fourth Kaleidoscopic Arts Platform.

Artistic direction and choreography: Lucia Schweigert

Director of photography and editor: Lizzie J Klotz

Original music for the film: Nancy May Roberts

Performance music: The Quiet City by Aaron Copland

Performance (film): Jonna Tideman

Performance (live): Kathy Richardson

Film length: 8.45 minutes

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