How to plan a work do

Keep it simple but make it effective!

Christmas party, summer party, anniversary, someone’s leaving do, a colleague’s birthday drinks…

Have you been put in charge of planning a company party? In London, people usually start by looking for the right venue. I say, start with the decision for a theme.

Party theme

This doesn’t have to mean something completely full-on, it’ll just give the whole process focus and, in many ways, makes all further decisions easier.

Location and decorations

Say, you were choosing a Spanish theme party 😉, now your venue choice has been limited and you only need to email or call up the three Spanish restaurants and bars near your office. Chances are their decorations suffice and if not, you’ll already know the balloon and napkin colours (red and yellow!).

Food and drink

The food and drink as well will have sorted themselves out. If you’re holding the party in your office premises, order a variety and plenty of tapas as well as a large paella and sangria or a selection of Spanish wines. Spanish food and drink is great for sharing and so makes for excellent party food!

Music and entertainment

Last but not least choose your music and entertainment. Sticking with the Spanish theme, choose The Gipsy Kings mixed in with your favourite party music and book a Flamenco dancer! Adding a solo Flamenco dancer for live entertainment won’t break the bank, but will make your party extra special and ensure everyone’s having an incredible time!

The process can be straight-forward and simple without being stressful or bursting your budget and I hope this blog helps you plan. Have a look around my website and see if you’d like to go with the Spanish theme for your next party.

Get in touch when you’re ready to book Flamenco entertainment or if you have any questions! Olé!

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