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By Lucia Schweigert, Oct 20 2016 07:31PM

This journey took me through the Atacama desert and along the Pacific coast of Chile to Arequipa, Cusco and Lima in Peru. It took me through desert, sea, mountains and I saw Inka, colonial and contemporary culture, architecture, work and life.

Machu Picchu truly was a mesmerising and energetic place and I am so thankful for the opportunity to visit such a once in a lifetime place, but the value lies in the abundance of observations and experiences I was allowed to make in the spectacular as well as the every day places. Once again I wonder about complex environmental and societal questions. Will I ever find satisfactory answers?

By Lucia Schweigert, May 16 2016 05:59PM

I have recently written the first entry in our new series. It's a reaction to Isabel Allende’s Ted Talk ‘Tales of Passion’ from March 2007 in which she “discusses women, creativity, the definition of feminism — and, of course, passion” (Ted Talks).

Read it in the ArtsKaleid blog.

By Lucia Schweigert, Apr 29 2016 02:48PM

These travels have allowed me to experience some of the most impressive nature on our planet and I take away many thoughts about nature, Earth and our position within the universe as well as about different countries and peoples and our life together.

I am hugely thankful that I am able to be here and go on these adventures and very aware of my privilege.

It’s incredible, barely comprehensible, that since the big bang a universe has evolved with suns, stars, planets and so on and that at least on one of those life began and evolved to be extremely varied.

What responsibility do we have for each other and for our planet? How can we share our planet's resources fairly with each other and without exploiting nature?

By Lucia Schweigert, Apr 21 2016 05:07PM

As an opener to a new series for our ArtsKaleid blog, I have written a text entitled 'Feminism, Kaleidoscopic Arts and our place in this world'. The posts in the series will be short posts about inspiring, exciting and informative TED Talks and will always be about women, art, dance, social issues and politics in one combination or another.

Read 'Feminism, Kaleidoscopic Arts and our place in this world'.

By Lucia Schweigert, Sep 13 2015 05:15PM

Join us on October 14th as Kathy Richardson will perform "Living with Sin" as part of "MOVEment for Change" at The Broadway Theatre in Barking. The programme starts at 7pm.

"MOVEment for Change" is a free month long performance series by Artivism Dance Theatre taking place at The Broadway Theatre in Barking. Every Wednesday through the month of October there will be stand-up comedy, performance art, spoken word, and dance, all revolving around social justice issues.

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