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By Lucia Schweigert, Feb 15 2018 07:37PM

Where has time gone?

In autumn last year I worked with Ensemble Perpetuo again. Is there a greater pleasure than performing and even rehearsing with live music? I was also very happy to continue developing "Grief".

Following a residency at ArtsDepot in North Finchley we shared our work in progress at Room Festival.

Photo: © Ensemble Perpetuo - rehearsing with violinist Fenella Humphreys

By Lucia Schweigert, Jul 27 2017 10:01AM

One year ago I started thinking of a new work with the working title 'grief' and since then it's developed beautifully. You can still follow the development on Twitter, by searching the hashtag #wtgrief. After lots of research and gathering inspiration and a few rehearsals, I joined Ensemble Perpetuo in a one-day residency and together we worked on ways to truly create a new concert experience by including dance in a chamber music concert.

Since then I have developed choreography which has now been presented during the most recent Blue Cloud Scratch Night on Friday, 21st July.

It was a very valuable experience as you get to perform your work while still in development and then receive feedback from your audience, which you can use to inform the continued development of your work.

I'm very grateful for the opportunity to create this work and for the support of Ensemble Perpetuo, Cloud Dance Festival and Blue Elephant Theatre.

Photograph: Jeremy Henderson
Photograph: Jeremy Henderson

By Lucia Schweigert, May 11 2015 12:55PM

On April 25th Kathy Richardson performed in "Living with Sin" as part of "Ensemble Perpetuo presents… Cityscapes”, the first event in a series of innovative evenings of chamber music.

It featured music by Steve Reich, Haydn, Philip Glass, Luigi Boccherini, Copland and Nielsen performed by Perpetuo in the wonderful spacious loft at 47/49 Tanner Street. The ensemble collaborated with a special exhibition of photographs by the London Photo Festival, art by Caroline Mackenzie, drawings by Tom Pearce and with choreography.

Kathy performed the piece absolutely wonderfully and I could not be more proud. It was a beautiful event and received great feedback.

To read a review, please click here.

To learn more about Ensemble Perpetuo’s work, head over to their website.

To see pictures and soon to come a trailer of the performance click on Living with Sin.

By Lucia Schweigert, Apr 23 2015 03:10PM

Today the last rehearsal for Living with Sin took place. We have been working in welcoming, inspiring studios at GDA, Chisenhale and Siobhan Davies Studios. I could not have wished for a more excellent dancer. Kathy embodies the spirit of the piece and dances it beautifully! The costumes need some finishing touches and then it's performance time. Looking forward to Saturday!

"Ensemble Perpetuo presents... Cityscapes" at 47/49 Tanner Street.

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By Lucia Schweigert, Mar 13 2015 01:01PM

Living with Sin started as a film. Now I want to recreate it as a live performance to bring it to a wider audience and to see how taking it off the screen will affect the audience. I have started rehearsals with Kathy Richardson and the first performance will take place on April 25th as part of "Perpetuo presents... Cityscapes" at 47/49 Tanner Street. Early-bird tickets are on sale for £10 and are going quickly. For all information on the event, please click here.

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