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By Lucia Schweigert, Jun 9 2018 07:49PM

For a while now I have been meeting with Heather Jeffries regularly to discuss our successes and challenges while working as creative artists AND outside the arts world.

A few months ago I attended her non-verbal communication workshop, which was excellent and now we're intensifying the connection even further. Heather is also a qualified coach and so I've signed on to her one-to-one coaching programme to support my next steps into the future.

We had our first session last week and I really enjoyed Heather's support with creating an achievable action plan for my goal.

Heather is about to launch her website and once she has I will post the link here, so you can have a look around her services for start-up creative businesses.

By Lucia Schweigert, Mar 15 2018 04:34PM

I think I've attended a fair share of workshops aimed at Start Ups and SMEs and I've learned lots from the many free and generously supported opportunities available. My favourites are those provided by the British Library's Business & IP Centre. They are very high quality and super helpful.

My other favourite took place last week and comes from a Start Up herself. My colleague Heather Jeffries has started bringing together the wealth of knowledge from her artistic and managerial expertise and now applies these to help others communicate their brand better through improved non-verbal communication.

I will post the link here, once her website is up and running. In the meantime, get in touch through me. Unless you feel you have completely mastered all aspects of non-verbal communication, I think you will benefit from Heather's wisdom.