Lucidez Dance Logo Version the one Bernie made me

By Lucia Schweigert, Feb 28 2017 02:22PM

I am fulfilling an ambition I have had for a very long time and have started learning to sew on a machine. This should make costume making easier in the future! There's lots to learn still, but it's great to have made a start. Here's my first project, a cosmetics bag with zip!

By Lucia Schweigert, Feb 11 2017 10:43AM

After performing with Unika Dance Events in early February, I’ve come to Sevilla for a month of intensive Flamenco.

I notice that the relative calmness and loneliness I feel here are good for my creativity and #wtgrief keeps developing slowly but surely.

In other news our bid to funding from the Wandsworth Arts Council for the fourth Kaleidoscopic Arts Platform has been successful,

so save the date: May 19th!