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By Lucia Schweigert, Jan 10 2017 04:28PM

My time in Santiago and Latin America has come to an end with a last incredible trip to Panama and Colombia.

Back in London I performed a Samba show for Unika Dance Events for New Year’s Eve and defined my goals for 2017.

I’m an Equity member now and look forwards to taking class, performing and taking Kaleidscopic Arts to the next, funded level!

Happpy New Year!

By Lucia Schweigert, Nov 24 2016 07:54PM

Last week Margarita Gómez and I used the dramatic light and lovely location of Café Berlín in Santiago to film material for a new work with the working title "Berlin". What does 'home' mean to you?

A few days later, again at Café Berlín, I performed "Berliner Lieder", improvisations to songs about Berlin, as part of "100 en 1 día" Festival Santiago.

Thank you to Margarita and Cristobal Koch of Café Berlín.

By Lucia Schweigert, Oct 20 2016 07:31PM

This journey took me through the Atacama desert and along the Pacific coast of Chile to Arequipa, Cusco and Lima in Peru. It took me through desert, sea, mountains and I saw Inka, colonial and contemporary culture, architecture, work and life.

Machu Picchu truly was a mesmerising and energetic place and I am so thankful for the opportunity to visit such a once in a lifetime place, but the value lies in the abundance of observations and experiences I was allowed to make in the spectacular as well as the every day places. Once again I wonder about complex environmental and societal questions. Will I ever find satisfactory answers?

By Lucia Schweigert, Sep 15 2016 02:29PM

Had a most wonderful time dancing in the gala "Duende" de Embrujo Academia de Baile.

It is a great fortune to have good teachers and I am so lucky to have embarked on the Flamenco journey with two wonderful teachers, Liza Fernández and Claudia Acosta, who are not just lovely, wise and patient teachers, but also powerful, gorgeous, intensive dancers who inspire me to work hard and set free the duende inside!

By Lucia Schweigert, Aug 6 2016 04:44PM

I've had the opportunity to travel to Easter Island recently and it's been a most wonderful trip. Aside from enjoying the spectacular nature and feeling of fresh air and freedom, the island's history and its remains invited me to ponder culture and civilisation.

How do we create and define these?

How do they flourish, why do they decline?

A short trip to Lima afterwards contrasted starkly with the peaceful nature of the tiny island in the middle of the ocean. Lima was intensive, loud and overwhelmingly full of impressions. I'm looking forwards to spending a few more days there later this year.

By Lucia Schweigert, May 25 2016 08:01PM

It's fascinating to feel the body's vibrations, stretches, strains and simply any movement. Listening to the body, observing it, making it dance.

After three months of joining the wonderful world of Flamenco I feel like I have arrived at home. When I see performances and take class I find it the most inspiring and empowering dance for me that I have come close to so far. It's intense, powerful, passionate yet sensitive and thoughtful and in every way encompasses life the way I see it. Tango is very different and I enjoy the demands it makes on my sensitivity. Looking forwards to where these dances will take me.

By Lucia Schweigert, Apr 29 2016 02:48PM

These travels have allowed me to experience some of the most impressive nature on our planet and I take away many thoughts about nature, Earth and our position within the universe as well as about different countries and peoples and our life together.

I am hugely thankful that I am able to be here and go on these adventures and very aware of my privilege.

It’s incredible, barely comprehensible, that since the big bang a universe has evolved with suns, stars, planets and so on and that at least on one of those life began and evolved to be extremely varied.

What responsibility do we have for each other and for our planet? How can we share our planet's resources fairly with each other and without exploiting nature?

By Lucia Schweigert, Mar 17 2016 01:33PM

Can't express how happy I am to have finally begun learning this most wonderful dance thanks to Embrujo Academia de Baile. Starting with a performance in honour of International Women's Day just made the whole experience even more exciting. After a week of rehearsals, it's now back to regular class and learning technique.

By Lucia Schweigert, Mar 15 2016 07:36PM

Despite the fact that dance schools along with many other schools, shops, restaurants and organisations are mostly closed during February I was lucky to find two great intensive workshops with Rodrigo Chaverini Hernández, where photographer Gian Franco Costa took this wonderful shot during an improvisation.