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By Lucia Schweigert, Feb 19 2016 05:40PM

After being absent from writing since graduation, I have now taken it up again and I'm looking forwards to making regular contributions to the ArtsKaleid blog in addition to our blogger Cecilia's work.

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By Lucia Schweigert, Dec 9 2015 06:29PM

In January I will move to Santiago de Chile for a year. I'm extremely looking forwards to this adventure and can't wait to discover the city, its dance and its culture. While I'm away my work for Kaleidoscopic Arts will continue, I will research for my choreographic practice and I'm open to whatever will come my way. Sadly this means my Christmas and New Year's Eve shows with Unika Dance Events will be my last and I will truly miss this work and the group.

By Lucia Schweigert, Oct 2 2015 12:25PM

On November 10th the Third Kaleidoscopic Arts Platform that I co-produce with Konstantina Skalionta will showcase dance by Anna-Lise Marie Dance, Lizzie J Klotz, Sarah Louise Kristiansen and Esther Siddiquie, and art by Vasiliki Stasinaki and Jonna Tideman.

Each platform takes place in a unique space not traditionally intended for dance. After having worked in two former factories, we want to push the idea of unusual spaces and the pub environment is a real challenge. How will dance feel in this intimate and traditional East End pub? Join us and find out.

Find out about the choreographers and their works on the Kaleidoscopic Arts website.

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Tickets are limited due to the intimate size of the venue, so get your tickets in advance to avoid disappointment. There is no booking fee.