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By Lucia Schweigert, Jun 28 2018 05:21PM

Last weekend I had a fantastic night of connecting with fellow London Studio Centre alumni and my wonderful former tutors at the Ruby Jubilee Summer Ball held at their new location, the artsdepot in North Finchley. I loved the former King's Cross location, but it was great to see the current generation make a home of this exciting venue.

The picture shows my lecturer Dr Lise Uytterhoeven and me on the red carpet!

By Lucia Schweigert, Jun 14 2018 08:23PM

Last week Inês Neto dos Santos filmed my Flamenco show on the beautiful stage of the Jazz Club at Brasserie Toulouse Lautrec in Kennington.

At the end of a long shoot, we found time to take a few pictures, too. The video files have been sent off to the editor Cecilia Berghall and I can't wait for the finished videos.

By Lucia Schweigert, Jun 9 2018 07:49PM

For a while now I have been meeting with Heather Jeffries regularly to discuss our successes and challenges while working as creative artists AND outside the arts world.

A few months ago I attended her non-verbal communication workshop, which was excellent and now we're intensifying the connection even further. Heather is also a qualified coach and so I've signed on to her one-to-one coaching programme to support my next steps into the future.

We had our first session last week and I really enjoyed Heather's support with creating an achievable action plan for my goal.

Heather is about to launch her website and once she has I will post the link here, so you can have a look around her services for start-up creative businesses.

By Lucia Schweigert, May 31 2018 06:54PM

I'm in the studio again and trying something new and different - wedding entertainment with fan veils! Last year I started learning to dance with fan veils and I really enjoyed it, but I didn't know how to incorporate it into my practice. Now, I'm beginning to have really fun creative ideas and so I'm trying things out in the studio. I think my choreography will be a beautiful and really flexible idea for wedding entertainment.

The photo is a still shot from filming my rehearsal. While the quality isn't all that, I think it still shows the movement and colours nicely.

By Lucia Schweigert, May 24 2018 02:14PM

Yesterday I attended a fabulous, free workshop by FEU Training. These professional development opportunities are provided for members of Equity, the Musicians' Union, the National Union of Journalists and the Writers' Guild and really help us improve how we work, because there's so much more to being a dancer than just the dancing...

In the photo I'm taking advantage of working from home, and have a stretch while going through my notes from the course!

By Lucia Schweigert, May 10 2018 10:10PM

The creative process is a beautiful journey. Rehearsal is a great space for creativity, experimentation, practice, discipline and hard work. I am happy to now present two exciting Flamenco dances that celebrate life. I can't wait to revive my very first choreography and to premiere a completely new piece in a wedding performance for Unika Dance Events next week.

Soon I will get a promo video filmed and I can't wait to share this with the world.

By Lucia Schweigert, Apr 26 2018 09:38PM

Yesterday we hosted another Kaleidoscopic Arts work in progress sharing at Centre 151 and I facilitated the feedback session after the performances.

Lily Horgan and Charlie Dunne (Meta4) showed 'Swiss army knife' and Katy Jane Higgins (TOBY) showed 'Episodic86'.

At our work in progress sharings choreographers present work they are currently developing to each other as well as their invitees and other interested contributors. The sharing is followed by feedback to inform the development of a new work or continuation of an existing work. With financial support by Kaleidoscopic Arts and in-kind support towards space hire thanks to the on-going support by Centre 151, the choreographers' financial contribution is kept to a minimum.

Centre 151 supports artists in many ways. Check them out, if you don't know them already:

I enjoyed the works and even more the constructive discussion afterwards. It's very exciting to partake in others' creative process, to get an insight and to have the opportunity to contribute one's own thoughts.

If you'd like to share work and receive feedback, you can register on