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This is the abstract for my undergraduate dissertation entitled "How can theatre dance be harnessed for the engagement with human rights issues?

An exploration of philosophic, cultural and scientific evidence."


If you’re interested in this topic, or have ideas about it, I would love you to contact me.

"The purpose of this dissertation is to explore philosophic, cultural and scientific evidence in order to find out how theatre dance can be harnessed for the engagement with human rights issues. It argues that in order for the world to further progress, interconnectedness, unity and mutual respect among people and towards nature are necessary. The arts, especially dance, may be valuable to that end. Philosophical and cultural discourse on art is examined for evidence that art can be political. Dance’s intrinsic qualities are related to myth and ritual to illuminate its powerful communicative capacities. Scientific research on the mirror neuron system providing emotional and physiological links between humans on and off stage will be summarised. It will be shown that theatre dance obtains a unique potential to help the engagement with human rights issues."

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