Lucidez Dance Logo Version the one Bernie made me To the sea by Lucidez Dance, choreography by Lucia Schweigert Can you be free? by Lucidez Dance, choreography by Lucia Schweigert Arauco by Lucidez Dance, choreography by Lucia Schweigert Can you be free? To the sea Living with Sin Arauco Living with Sin by Lucidez Dance, danced by Kathy Richardson, choreography by Lucia Schweigert

Living with Sin asks how the Christian doctrine of ancestral sin affects female identity.


One woman embodies womanhood throughout the ages. In her, all experiences are united.

Two people have come to the sea to seek calmness, nature and purity.


What happens when their expectations turn into reality?

“Freedom is what you do with what’s been done to you.”


Jean-Paul Sartre


Inspired by Violeta Parra's song Arauco Tiene Una Pena about how colonialism still impacts on current Chilean peoples.

Lucia’s choreographic process begins with curiosity, brain-storming and improvisation. Her movement language is based in modern and contemporary dance traditions. In the rehearsal process she creates movement for the dancers and expects them to find their own truth and meaning within it. Lucia believes in the power of kinaesthetic empathy, and applies this to both her dancing and choreography. She seeks to create impactful atmospheres visually and physically through music, striking colours and expressive choreography.


Lucia’s work does not fight or scream, it asks questions and invites its audiences and its performers to think for themselves and to engage.

Living with Sin Autumn To the sea Can you be free? Arauco Dissertation


Autumn works picture Autumn

Autumn is a long-term project and currently in the research and development phase.


It works with the symbolism connected with the season.

Berliner Lieder Works Berliner Lieder 58KB Berliner Lieder

Berliner Lieder is about my home town Berlin.


When you're away from home, how do you remember it? What memories define home?

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